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Synopsis Competition
Anna Sagradova

Bars Media Documentary Film Studio announces a competition to write a synopsis for a full length (90 min.) feature film to be produced in Armenia. The film is targeted towards a western 14-23 age group audience. The script should be as upbeat and fast pace by contemporary western standards. The film should grow the interest of youth of the Diaspora to the Armenian language, culture and history. Main characters should be both local and from the Diaspora. Strategic and tactical advisory on the project is being provided by a team from CAKE Productions.

The synopsis outline:

1) The outline should not be more than 5 pages to be submitted in Armenian and English by the close of business on the 31st October 2005.

2) From these submissions the best 3 will be selected.
1st place will be awarded with - US $750
2nd place will be awarded with US $ 500
3rd place will be awarded with US $ 250

The award winning submissions will become the exclusive property of the organizers, and the organizers will have the exclusive copyright.

At the sole discretion of the organizers, the finalists maybe offered a role to in preparing the full movie script.

The decision of the organizers as to the awards will be final. Any issues to be addressed will be according to international best practice standards.

The synopses to be submitted should focus on the following areas:
Encouraging people to learn the Armenian language
Emphasizing the beauty of the country and its ancient history
Include historical places
Use of humorous scenes
Content must be strictly for general viewing for all ages. Omit references use of unhealthy substances and non-traditional family relationships. Traditional Christian context will be positively welcome.
Please send the outlines to:

Inna Sahakyan
Bars Media Documentary Film Studio
Via email to: info@barsmedia.am

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